Marketing strategy

We created and implemented marketing strategy.

Content development

We created and provided support with content development.

Digital adviser

Our team advised and supervised online promotion and choice of channels.

UI/UX design

We developed ergonomic interfaces and tested user experiences.

Social media marketing

We created social media groups and launched campaigns.


We launched advertising campaigns across different channels and platforms.

The challenge

PowerOn is an ambitious joint-project of two American energy companies Coda Energy and Exergonix, and European network marketing agency PowerOn. Combining advanced nanotechnology with proven power management enables Exergonix to provide efficient energy storage systems that are portable, modular and can easily be tied to existing infrastructure. Our team was proud to participate in this global project as the marketing expert and digital advisor. The aim was to present totally new cryptocurrency called Xecoin as well as the trading platform based on Etherium blockchain technology.

The road to success

Our half a year collaboration was an interesting journey filled with challenges and different activities. We had a chance to present a totally new crypto coin called Xecoin backed by actual energy generated by participating energy companies. We had organized a dozen meetings across the globe presenting the new financial instrument to potential investors and introducing a new trading platform. Within six month collaboration, we had conducted business meetings in Bangkok, Houston, Limassol, Stockholm, and Hanoi. Mixer Agency had launched email marketing campaign among the existing and new clients of Energy company's database.

We started several social media groups and campaigns and successfully managed them for the whole duration of the mutual work period, created several video assets and many social media assets that were distributed across all internet marketing channels.

The result

Six-month cooperation can be summarized as a successful and healthy. Mixer Agency had created a social network of more than 10.000 followers across all brands and services within the PowerOn project. Moreover, our marketing campaign aimed to stimulate usage of PowerOn trading platform had accumulated more than 1,200 active traders.

Business meeting conducted in several countries and major cities were successfully met and endorsed by more than 2,000 people, most of the witch became active users and potential buyers of products and services introduced by PowerOn.