Inbound marketing for leaders


Setting short-term and long-term strategy


Marketing strategy is the major idea which outlines a cause of action for a brand or specific product. This idea gives the company a clear direction of action by identifying the opportunity and the means of achieving its strategic goals. Strategy defines targets and allocates resources in order achieve them. Mixer team is willing and able to effectively promote your online and offline resources. Strategy has several aims:




- Stimulate customers inflow

- Increase brand awareness and presence

- Utilize different channels to engage consumers with product and purpose

- Create of sustainable and measurable growth

- Ideas and creativity


"We set clear and decisive marketing strategy"





Reliable promotion of a brand or product


To understand consumer needs we need to rely on search practices. Our team aims to answer the questions of what, how and when. Then we determine the strategic aims and select or create valuable content to address the consumers.  We optimize web resources to work with search engines and robots  to make sure that your content is engaged with the consumer and effectively converted into sales.


Our team works on relevant keyword research across the entire network in order to find the optimum solution to achieve your goals. We define keywords by topic (particular goods and services ) and intent (intended action of the searcher) and then create effective and working search optimization strategy.


Content Promotion is an effective instrument and its executed through social media, email marketing and bloggers. Process of link-building from relevant and valuable web resources is the result of hard work and relationship-building, these relationships are best facilitated through ongoing engagement and communication that fits well with all media efforts.




- Audit of website

- Increase traffic to your web resources

- Generate More Leads

- Copywriting

 - Content promotion



Increase your brand or product awareness across social media


Social media networks became parts of our everyday life. They greatly influence consumer behaviour and tastes. Different groups such as brands, friends, news makers, celebrities and others compete for the social attention. Our mission is to determine the value your brand could provide to its audience, make them notice your brand and product and will make them react through relevant and well-made content that we develop. We first collect and analyse data about competition and study audience in order to target it through their interest, location, communication and other relative channels.


The major questions that need to be answered are: How is your brand or product differs from its competitors? What benefit it provides to consumers? How to communicate brand’s purpose across each social channel? Our team will create positive and appealing brand image throughout Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media to boost your popularity and sales.




- Creative content to attract and sustain your audience

- Multichannel social marketing

- Social marketing paid campaigns

- Support of your group




Fast and effective method of promotion


Our goal is to connect intent, keywords, context ad and the landing page or other web resource. This strategy brings down the costs and creates higher conversion. We always go beyond the initial set of appropriate keywords by identifying opportunities through continuing discovery and optimization throughout the life of the campaign. In order to keep up the successful campaigns we monitor consumer behaviours and allocate resources accordingly.


Ongoing context ads optimization is key to successful campaign. This method of promotion is more expensive than other, since you pay on a per-view and per-click basis; therefore, campaigns need to be adjusted regularly in order to keep the cost low . The true value of contextual advertising  is the ability to focus specific offers on users when they are seeking those offers. Daily bid management and campaign optimization across all channels leads to continuous improvement and success.




- Geotargeting

- Clear and effective key wording

- Social media referral

- Significant traffic boost in a short period of time



Extend and sustain your client base


In the world where all personal  accounts are registered and secured via emails, and most of communication takes place through internet network it is imperative to conduct email marketing campaigns. No matter if you want to expand your clientele, sustain your existing database or increase conversions, custom and responsive emails will help you to achieve your task.


Our team will design eye-catching newsletters and promotional emails that will attract customers and promote your product or services. Connect with your readers and customers via email addresses obtained through your web resources. Mixer team will revise your websites and integrate newsletter subscriptions and other forms to stay in touch with your audience.




- Responsive design

- Work with all popular internet browsers

- Appealing design

- Increased sales




We can be a major asset to small and medium size businesses. Our team takes take of your marketing needs and evolve your business effectiveness. Why would you keep designers and marketing managers on a payroll in your company? Optimize your running costs with us. Prioritizing tracks of work allowing the organization to weigh the level of effort against ROI.








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