Website development

We designed and launched website for Investstroy company.

Brand Identity

We created brand identity for the company and its products.


We created presentation, several booklets and other print materials.

The challenge

Investstroy is a full-service real estate agent based in Moscow that helps home buyers and sellers to connect, takes financial and legal responsibility during the transactions, and guide potential clients with their mortgage needs having a long-term relationship with major Russian banks. Their portfolio is defined by quality and professional integrity. The main challenge of this branding project was to create a unique and pleasant design that would stand out among countless numbers of real estate companies in Moscow district. The next step was to develop an easy to use and ergonomic website for clientele.

The road to success

We worked with the core team in order to create the Brand Strategy, market positioning, identity and other visual assets the products and services. Our main idea and inspiration were to use green colour tones that illustrate proximity to land and nature. Then we switched to creating a distinctive brand book with simple geometrical shapes and few pleasant colours. The next stage was to create clear and easy to use website design for consumers. The final stage of the project was to create supporting assets for the work ahead and develop a road map for the future marketing activities of the company.

In order to gain customer exposure, it was suggested to implement several short-term and long-term strategies, among which there were PPC ( Pay per Click) advertising, search engine optimization and social media relations to generate more traffic.

The result

Mixer Agency team is proud it played a crucial role in identity design and web design for the Investstroy. At the end of our project, we had a functional and appealing website with an intuitive interface and a call-to-action button for contact capture. Moreover, our team had created aesthetically pleasant HTML scripts for email marketing and defined the marketing strategy.

We used a unique colour palette, suggestive typography and distinguishing brand patterns in all created assets. All these elements evolved into a solid commercial mechanism with consistent visual language that is immediately recognizable and quite flexible. As the result of our cooperation, Investstroy website had a conversion rate of 6.5%, as well as increased customer confidence due to good-looking brand identity.