Marketing strategy

We created and implemented marketing strategy.

Content development

We created and provided support with content development.

Website development

We designed and launched a modern website for Aquilon.

Digital adviser

Our team advised and supervised online promotion and choice of channels.

Brand identity

We created logo, brand identity and corporate identity.


We made several product catalogues and package designs.

The challenge

Aquilon is a small trading company based in Moscow with primary business in wholesaling Russian fish. Company's main market allocated in Moscow and Saint Petersburg with minor operations in Vladivostok and Astrakhan.

Main customers of Aquilon's fish are small and medium-size retail companies and restaurants. The first challenge was to create a distinctive brand identity. The second challenge was to develop functional and easy to use wholesaling website with the ability to collect data and quickly respond to customers needs. Finally, the Aquilon company needed to smart and efficient packaging so they could increase sales, reach new customers and catch the eye of larger businesses and retail chains.

The road to success

We worked directly with the several founders of the business to learn challenges and main fears and then to create an effective marketing strategy, and set short-term and long-term marketing goals. We prioritised work in several stages: creating the Brand identity and positive company image, elevating their product photography quality and optimising photo assets for retail and website use. Our team advised having our agency manage several processes during the rebranding stage such as managing project workflow, integrating project management system and teaching employees of Aquilon how to use it, engaged in photography production, production of new packaging. In order to create brand identity and brand new packaging, we took inspiration from the use of light blue, gray and white colour tones that illustrate calmness and the ocean.

The result

From the very launch of the new packaging and creation of new brand identity, Aquilon received positive feedback on the new quality of the packaging and catalogue images from their sales representatives across the country. By handling the production management, we were able to produce cheap yet efficient packaging thus decreasing the cost of goods sold and inventory costs by 20%.

The newly integrated project management system greatly helped to organise work in scheduling and time management, effective customer relations, efficient resource allocation, internal communication, and effective document management. By introducing better product photography quality we gave Aquilon hundreds of beautiful images to be used across all marketing channels. Within a two month period of work with Aquilon due to its positive and more appealing image, it was approached by several major food retail chains with the proposition of collaboration.