Marketing strategy

We created and implemented marketing strategy.

Content development

We created and provided support with content development.

E-commerce development

We designed e-commerce platform and catalogues.

The challenge

Salire Moda - fashion clothing company with headquarters in Saint Petersburg. The company has several lines of woman and children clothing. All their cloth made with the use of high-grade textile and near perfect fit due to superior sewing precision. All cloth is defined by high quality and above average pricing tags. Its offline and online competitive market is overwhelmed with strong competitors in local and international markets. The primary revenue channel consists of two shops in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Before cooperation with Mixer Agency, the company was not present in the online retail sector.

The road to success

We worked with both the investor and the chief designer in order to maximise the rate of success and prioritise strategic goals. As a basis for internet sales, it was decided to create fast and effective e-commerce platform to create an online image and boost revenues. To create e-commerce platform we decided to use full-page slider pages to fully expose the material and clothing online. We have also created easy to use shopping basket and several instruments to capture new clients for the database. The final stage of development was to create transparent yet functional back-end application for employees in order to renew products on regular basis.

As part of new marketing strategy Mixer Agency team came up with the idea of creating several more clothing lines (i.e.: lingerie, swimming wear and cloth for teenagers). In order to catalyse the digital revenue channels, it was decided to use several instruments such as PPC (Yandex), E-mail Marketing, remarketing practices, and search engine optimisation for the long-term marketing.

The result

After several months of development and implementation, the new e-commerce platform for Salire was finished. Due to our search engine practices and social media campaign we had over 600 visits at the end of the first month. By the end of the third month period, the number of Visits increased by 180%. The average order value came up to 15.000 RUB. The number of customers increased by 150%. By the end of the fifth month, the online Revenue almost reached offline revenue for both Moscow and Petersburg shops. During first two month, our team had raised a number of organic followers on Instagram and Facebook to a total of 2200 users.