Website development

We designed and launched website for Pchelaju Photography.

Branding and design

We created brand identity for the company and its products.

Content development

We created content and provided support with further development.

The challenge

Pchela Ju Photography is a kids photo studio in Moscow. Their core philosophy is professionalism and easy-going attitude with children. The main mission was to create an appealing brand for mums and families who are the main customers in this line of business. Additionally, we had to think about a user-friendly interface for the website that would look nice, be functional and appealing to customers of any age.

The road to success

In order to fulfill our purpose we created bee's drawing in kids manner and used it as the main logo for the brand. We then selected friendly and appealing colours in the range of orange, white and gray which we used as a basis for corporate branding, printing assets, and website design.

Then we created a nice-looking portfolio together with the owner and the founder of the studio and integrated portfolio into the adaptive website. The final stage of initial cooperation was to prepare the website for search engines and contextual advertisement.

The result

The three-month collaboration resulted in good looking corporate branding and website launch alongside with typography and printing assets that were made for promotional campaigns. In the first week of the website launch, it reached 250 users with 5% of the audience that ordered actual services. Mixer team continues to work with Pchela Ju photography and we plan to reach 5% monthly conversion in the near future.