Website development

We designed and launched website for Oknafox.

Branding and design

We created brand identity for the company and its products.

Content development

We created content and provided support with further development.

The challenge

Okna Fox is a small family-owned business based in Moscow. Company values their work for high-quality service, cheap prices, and really fast installation as a selling point. The company has a large number of competitors in the Moscow region and needed a commercial landing page with more traffic, leads, and customers. Another issue was to create a positive and healthy public image with colorful and stylish brand identity and marketing assets to be advertised in online and offline marketing campaigns.

Okna Fox management had asked for a comprehensive marketing strategy which would allow them to execute online sales and rely almost entirely on digital marketing to generate leads and initiate sales within Moscow district.

The road to success

Like in other our cases of a similar sort, we spent a good amount of time brainstorming over a strategy, coming up with the effective strategic plan and preparing to execute effective marketing campaigns after the production stage is done. Okna Fox needed a fast, user-friendly and evocative website design with colourful and communicative colour palette and brand logo. We also needed advertising assets for offline marketing in the local area and development of several instruments to capture emails in order to use the database for email marketing campaigns.

Our team decided it would be best to use several digital marketing channels including social media, paid ads, and email marketing campaign. It was concluded that we market the product to a number of groups i.e.: homeowners, builders, and small and medium-sized commercial companies and entities such as local malls, schools etc. In an offline marketing campaign, we decided to use several billboards and distribute flyers in the local area.

The result

We created great-looking assets that were used for several marketing initiatives which are still ongoing. Having analysed our client’s target market, we have decided to implement the strategy aimed at increasing customer loyalty in the area of presence by providing discounts to households that already bought products and services of Okna Fox company. Moreover, we introduced the customer loyalty programme to selected clients with a lifetime discount of 10% for all future purchases. The brand awareness was greatly increased by exposing the locals with printed marketing assets and business cards.

As a result of the digital marketing campaign which included PPC ads and email marketing, we had reduced cost-per-acquisition by 40%, increased lead generation by 200% and increased sales by 150% in 60 days.