Marketing strategy

We created and implemented marketing strategy.

Content development

We created and provided support with content development.

Website development

We designed and launched several websites for Novotrust and its subsidiaries.

Digital adviser

Our team advised and supervised online promotion and choice of channels.


We launched advertising campaigns across different channels and platforms.

Social media marketing

We created social media groups and launched campaigns.

The challenge

Novotrust - leading logistic operator with headquarters in Novorossiysk and subsidiaries across Russia. Our task was to create corporate branding that corresponded to its main mission of being innovative leaders in the logistics segment. Although we had a green light from open-minded Novotrust executives regarding creativity and branding, we realized how competitive logistics market is. We had to forge a fresh and new approach of how the company will look across the globe. Develop state of the art website and support positive brand image across social media channels.

The road to success

Our team worked closely with the founder of the company and his deputies in order to refine the marketing strategy. The road to success included several stages: planning, production, implementation, and support.

First, we learned of problems that users had with the old web interface and assessed what we could make to improve it. Then our team developed an innovative and customer friendly interface and applied it to clean website design for multiple devices and platforms. After that, we created marketing assets with a fresh look at the brand and company's approach. When the production stage was over, our team implemented changes across several marketing channels to communicate the purpose and create maximum exposure. The final stage included several marketing campaigns across web and social media channels with the help of unique visual content, texts, news channel, and other SEO practices to popularize the brand and its products.

The result

Mixer Agency engaged in two-year collaboration with the extensive focus on SEO and social media practices. Novotrust gained thousands of followers on both Twitter and Facebook media. The company appeared in several key phrases in both Google and Yandex search engines. The average sales of services increased by 25% monthly. Moreover, after refreshing brand's identity, the company was able to present itself in several major exhibitions and expand its operations internationally. As the result it engaged in strategic cooperation with two major clients, increasing prestige and annual revenues even further.