Marketing strategy

We created and implemented marketing strategy.

Content development

We created and provided support with content development.

Website development

We designed and launched the website for Hitmag magazine.

Brand identity

We created brand identity for the company and its products.

Social media marketing

We created social media groups and launched campaigns.


We provided marketing and information technology support.

The challenge - entertainment online magazine for technology geeks and hipsters. The main tops of focus are technology, design, architecture, lifestyle, food and funky music. The main mission of the project was to create an appealing web and application design for modern and stylish people who prefer functionality and minimalism. The main targeted group would be males and females from the age of eighteen to thirty-five. We had a challenging task of presenting the magazine in the overwhelming with information digital space, where we had to face several competitors in the niche, furthermore, building and expanding Hitmag's audience; increasing site visits and advertisement revenue in the long run.

The road to success

Our engagement started with the creation of digital strategy where we established forward-looking recommendations and roadmap for short-term and long-term activities. Our comprehensive digital strategy united editorial, advertising, and consumer marketing to create a holistic reading experience for users. Next, we developed a modern and minimalistic website with intuitive navigation and maximum visual experience that used video, animation and static content. The magazine was designed to enhance user experience on a desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms, while encouraging sharing and liking content in their favorite social media for better marketing coverage. The idea of stylish fonts and a huge grid with images could pull readers into browsing and engage in more articles per session. Since launching a new magazine is not an easy feat, we have decided to use both online and offline marketing channels as well as help from our partners and friends to boost up the initial marketing campaign. Finally Mixer digital became involved with several social media channels in order to increase public exposure and create a positive image for new users.

The result

As the result, we have developed nice looking online magazine with easy and transparent navigation and distinctive identity. Our studies showed that users enjoyed browsing through the material with the average visits of 4-5 pages per user and the average time spent on the single page of 7 minutes per user. After three months of social media engagement, we had a 257% increase in traffic growth and 67% increase in viewing content per session. Within five months from the launch, the total amount of readers had accounted to 1,500 unique IPs. The cooperation with the magazine continues.