Marketing strategy

We created and implemented marketing strategy.

Content development

We created and provided support with content development.

Website development

We designed and launched several websites for Hamann Motorsport.

Digital adviser

Our team advised and supervised online promotion and choice of channels.


We launched advertising campaigns across different channels and platforms.

Social media marketing

We created social media groups and launched campaigns.

The challenge

Hamman Motorsport is a well-known automotive brand worldwide. The company manufactures high-performance road and race cars, tuning parts, wheels and accessories. The main challenge for our team was to create an image of the brand on the Russian market that correlates with company’s philosophy and supports its international image. We needed a strong web design that will appeal to the Russian market and develop the brand, making it unique and aggressive nature to stand out among the rival brands in the automotive industry. To support worldwide brand image our web design had to be clean, modern and elegant.

The road to success

Hamann Motorsport case started with the in-depth study of the brand and its ancestry. In consequence of mutual collaboration between German and Russian offices, we developed a comprehensive approach to market positioning in Russia and CIS. On the route towards desired strategic goals, we implemented several stages of completion which included the creation of marketing strategy and roadmap, renewal of the company's catalogue, web development, and support. Each of them included various milestones along the way.

We first developed a marketing strategy that intended to expand Hamann's presence on the local market, increasing annual sales of cars and parts in Russia and CIS. We created website design which followed an authentic and stylish colour palette of the brand. Then, our team engaged in content development for the marketing communications. Marketing assets would have to be appealing to the automotive community, presenting significant value in order to popularize the brand in the region. Finally, we executed marketing and advisement campaign for maximum market exposure.

The result

As the result of three-year cooperation, we created several web resources that helped Russian subsidiary to grow over 23% in annual sales. Mixer Agency increased product awareness in Russia and CIS via digital and social media channels. Hamann Motorsport and its subsidiary Bavaria-M now operates a state of the art websites which include brand website, parts shop and automotive car wash site.