Marketing strategy

We created and implemented marketing strategy.

Content development

We created and provided support with content development.

Website development

We designed and launched several websites for Code.

Digital adviser

Our team advised and supervised online promotion and choice of channels.


We launched advertising campaigns across different channels and platforms.

Social media marketing

We created social media groups and launched campaigns.

The challenge

Code Star Club - is a Moscow based makeup school which also has its own brow design studio. The strong side of the school is its professional staff and ability to practice lessons with the best fashion makeup artists from Moscow and other regions that come to visit. Our primary mission was to develop a decisive marketing strategy and consult owners on both digital and offline promotion. The secondary task was to create a clean and attractive website for both makeup school and the brow bar. They both should have been visually striking, where Code Star would aim for women and man who want to learn the art of makeup and work in fashion industry and Brow Bar landing page primarily for customers to advertise products and services at the brow bar. Since the company was not present in the digital market we faced the critical need to make a strong online presence and stimulate organic traffic to their websites and products. Code Star team were not equipped nor qualified to deal with the online promotion, search optimisation, and social media management, so our team took over those tasks.

The road to success

In order to generate product awareness, we engaged with audience across several social media channels and started two campaigns involving several contests with flashy prizes such as free certificates and professional cosmetics. Meeting with the owner and management helped us to define schools strong points and use this knowledge during website development. We interviewed each teacher and told their story on the brand new website, then created high-quality photos of their work and gave students an option to choose a particular teacher for their classes. It was decided to use professional models to film glamorous pictures and videos in order to create a strong portfolio for the school and marketing assets for further promotion.

By focusing our paid search budget onto specific target groups and careful and efficient use of keyword strategy we were able to hold on top of the search in Yandex and Google at the relatively small price. Our comprehensive marketing strategy which covered paid advertising, social media and offline promotion helped Code Star to gain awareness and customers in no time. We were able to expand clientele for the brow bar and cross-promote to capture more market share.

The result

Clients and partners left positive reviews of both websites. Since the beginning of our work with Code Star, we produced some fantastic results such as 220% increase in revenue, 70% increase in clicks, 200% increase in unique visits. Our paid advertising campaigns have been awarded a high score of 8-9 in both Google and Yandex rating of the quality and relevance. The use of effective PPC (pay per click) strategy, social media promotion and initial SEO the company displayed ROI of 5:1 in just five weeks. Due to positive brand image and exposure the company was able to gain several major cosmetics manufacturers as long-term partners.